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Information on use of cookies on the website
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What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file, which enables us to save information, or give us access to already saved information on the user’s personal computer, smartphone, tablet or other, with the purpose of collecting data on the user.

Cookies are by themselves not illegal. Among others, they are used to save information on the user’s behavior on a website and are necessary in many online services: the shopping charts in web shops for example remember the requested articles by means of cookies.

How to reject and/or delete cookies
If you change the settings in your browser, you may reject and delete cookies on your computer. How to change the settings in your browser depends on which browser you use. If you choose to set your browser to reject cookies, please notice that you may miss functions and the like on the website, which may not work properly.

Personal data

On the website, we may collect information on name, mail address, e-mail address, other contact information, IP address and other personal data. We will never pass on personal data to a third party unless you accept it.

We process personal data in order to accommodate the user’s inquiries on the website.

We keep personal data on servers with limited access in secured facilities, and our security measures are ongoing being evaluated. Among others, the servers are protected by antivirus software and firewalls.

However, Kallermann Revision A/S cannot guarantee, that others could not gain unauthorized access to data. Therefore, visits on our website is the user’s own responsibility.


At any time we reserve the right to change or/delete this personal data and cookie policy without any prior notice, but the updated version can always be found on the website.